Award-Winning Attractions

Entertainment Design Corp.

The term “location-based entertainment” in an integrated resort has such a broad definition. What does EDC specifically offer to IR developers?

EDC offers bespoke attractions and branding icons for developers. Hired much like a commissioned artist would be, EDC leans on its 50-plus years of experience in film, TV, theme parks and theater to create large kinetic art that entertains guests and brands entire developments. EDC’s projects have been fortunate enough to win Guinness World Records, Emmy Awards and themed entertainment awards.

What kind of art does EDC create?

EDC creates one-of-a-kind art that tells a story, similar to the Crane Dance at Genting Resort World Sentosa’s harbor, the Fortune Diamond at Galaxy Macau and the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

How is success measured for clients?

Metrics are calculated in Twitter hits, Instagram photos and Facebook posts of guests taking photos with EDC’s work. From those simple posts, EDC knows it’s accomplished two things:

1) The piece has inspired a sense of wonder and awe within guests.

2) The piece functions as a marketing point for IR developments.

EDC has been very fortunate to work alongside developers who understand what the company tries to create and why.

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