Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime prevention and security are two paramount concerns for every casino operator. One publicized incident can set back brand positioning and earnings significantly. As such, it is imperative to address any potential issues at the earliest possible time. has many years of expertise in implementing “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.” This tactic takes a proactive approach to crime prevention and security by addressing any potential issues while still in the design phase of a new resort or a resort expansion.
By planning accordingly, a casino can minimize potential threats before they have a chance of materializing. can assist in developing a project that is as secure as possible, from planning to full operation. was formed in 2010 by seasoned gaming executive Rick Santoro, CPP. Santoro has leveraged more than 30 years of corporate security, asset protection and risk management experience into building’s capability as a valued resource for the gaming, hospitality and entertainment industries.
The core services that delivers to the gaming industry include:
• Security and Surveillance Consulting, Analysis and Troubleshooting. Direct operational experience with both divisions enables to properly advise operators on policy, procedure, staffing, technology and training matters.
• Risk Management Consulting. Operators can benefit greatly from’s expertise in upgrading and improving the risk management function.
• Training. offers relevant and real-world training programs for all work units of gaming operations. Topics include: Emergent Decision Making, Critical Incident Response, Workplace Violence Prevention, Crime Prevention, Patrol Objectives, ERM and Asset Protection.
• Labor Action Contingency Planning. has handled numerous labor action contingency programs for clients and provides invaluable preparedness consultation to those in need.
• Expert Witness and Litigation Support. has assisted in defense matters on behalf of clients who are facing litigation, as a result of negligent security, nightclub operation, liquor liability and critical incident matters.
• Vulnerability Assessment. recognizes the power of uncertainty and prepares clients to manage risks and threats before an incident takes place.
Gaming owners and operators need to protect their assets while also maintaining and growing market share. is equipped and staffed to assist operators in achieving asset protection goals in an efficient and discreet manner.
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