Custom Environments

Themed Design, Cost of Wisconsin

PRODUCT: Themed Design

One design firm that has specialized in creating unique spaces within gaming facilities is COST of Wisconsin. COST has been an industry leader in creation themed environments, winning numerous design awards over five decades of operation.

Typical areas of expertise include water features, faux trees, rockwork, decorative metals, specialty glass, accent/art pieces, theme façades, sculptures, decorative architectural finishes and custom aquariums. COST is versatile and experienced in utilizing various materials and methodologies in creating custom environments. Material use varies from concrete composites to glass/acrylics, epoxies, metals, wood, FRP, urethanes and many others.

These materials are often fused together to develop an entire theme concept or developed as focal points within a casino.  Column covers, gaming canopies, restaurant and gaming floor separations, restaurant and cash cage façades and decorative accent pieces such as water features or sculptural elements are all used to deliver the themed experience.

“Creating a unique casino experience separates one gaming facility from the next,” says Chris Foster, vice president of sales and marketing at COST. “As the gaming industry becomes more competitive every day, entertaining and interesting experiences stimulate repeat guest visits.”

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