Exotic Wood

PRODUCT: Zebrawood


J.A. Casillas, a premier custom furniture manufacturer specializing in the hospitality industry, has been introducing its clients to the striking beauty of a wood it calls “Zebrawood.” So named for the grain or “figure” that is reminiscent of the striping of a zebra, Zebrawood comes from the trees of one of several species, but most commonly Microberlinia.

Despite prominent installations in luxury automobiles like Mercedes-Benz, many dedicated wood workers and furniture manufacturers have been unaware of Zebrawood’s existence as a decorative exotic wood. Perhaps it is because, as is common in many premium products, what makes it special is also what makes it difficult to perfect. The dramatic graining is accompanied by an extremely coarse texture. This rough surface keeps all but the highly skilled from using the wood regularly in either custom furniture, trim, inlays, banding or marquetry.

Due to the extensive experience of the craftsmen at J.A. Casillas, designers can take full advantage of the Zebrawood in any project ranging from a suite of luxury room furniture to an entire hotel project.

For more information on Zebrawood or any other fine or exotic wood, visit the company’s
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