Personal DJ

'Sound Lounge', Réalisations Inc.

PRODUCT: ‘Sound Lounge’

Montreal, Canada-based Réalisations Inc. has produced a groundbreaking audio and video system to create the eyecandy sound lounge & bar at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The system’s central feature is the ability of customers to control their own audio/visual mix from the comfort of their booths.

Using interactive, multi-touch tables, guests can direct cameras around the lounge, create visuals and messaging that can be sent to other tables and create sound mixes of their own.

The sound lounge, located next to eyecandy’s dance floor, offers three sound stations that allow users to tap into their “inner DJ” by using their own iPod. During promotional nights at eyecandy, guests can bring their personal music mix to play from their sound station, allowing the DJ to access guests’ music and play it through the main sound system.

The lounge’s dance floor features three layers of images. The glass floor is fed with global low-resolution LED video input that plays continuously on the 70 LED tiles of the dance floor. This LED video content is echoed by a high-resolution overhead video projection that overlays vibrant imagery on dancers. The third layer is triggered by the dancers’ steps on the pressure-activated LED tiles.

“The eyecandy sound lounge & bar marks a new step in the evolution of the club experience,” says Roger Parent, founder and president of Réalisations Inc. “People are used to being able to control their personal environment in their homes. eyecandy gives people the same possibility, but one step further-it allows guests to create their own world in a public space.”

For more information, contact Réalisations at 514-842-3057, or visit the company’s website,