True Vision

3-D Visualization, Virtual Sciences, Inc.

PRODUCT: 3-D Visualization
MANUFACTURER/DESIGNER: Virtual Sciences, inc.

When gaming resorts need renderings, video presentations or other visualizations of projects to present to investors or executives, one firm they have turned to increasingly of late is New Jersey-based Virtual Sciences.

Virtual Sciences specializes in 3D visualization-in renderings, animations, multimedia presentations, video productions, websites-of projects in the conceptual stage. The company produces digital output of images of the completed project in three dimensions, making any changes and alterations necessary to the images as projects progress.

Once developed, 3D visualizations can be used to generate various media elements throughout the life of a project. These assets support communication needs across various platforms, including printed materials, multimedia presentations, interactive web experiences, etc., as well as printed renderings in any size.

According to the company, using digital visualizations to create “virtual environments” can delineate a project’s merits more actively for investors or clients, with greater flexibility and at significantly lower price points than traditional renderings.

The company’s list of services includes photo-realistic renderings, theatrical animations, real-time simulations, digital camera matches, interactive multimedia tools and video productions.

For more information, call Virtual Sciences at 973-387-4000, or visit the company’s website at