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Rainmaker Group

In the age of Big Data, casinos capture more customer information than ever before: a landslide of intelligence on guest behaviors, preferences, spend, receptiveness to special offers, etc.

But data without analysis is nothing but noise. In a competitive industry, gathering customer data is just the first step in a business strategy that defends a property’s market position, builds customer loyalty and beats the competition.

The Atlanta-based Rainmaker Group mines those mountains of data, sifts out value and develops plans of action that produce meaningful, measurable results. Among its proven proprietary solutions:

  • guestrev, to forecast room demand and set rates based on total customer value
  • grouprev, to optimize rates for group business  
  • revcaster, to maximize ADR and drive profitability
  • revintel, a web-based platform that gathers all the information that matters to revenue management and places it at your fingertips

Rainmaker distills complex datasets from multiple sources and turns them into highly prescriptive recommendations and actionable insights.

So put Rainmaker on the case. And put your data to work.

For more information, visit letitrain.com.